FAQsWhat's this website all about?

What's this all about?

Moor Stories is all about linking objects in the museum's collections with the places they came from and thinking about the people who lived on Dartmoor then and now.

We use the map to highlight parts of the moor where different parts of our collections came from. All these places are open to the public but if exploring the moor please follow the guidance from the National Park Authority.

Use the photos and description of the objects and the lcoation itself to inspire your imagination and tell us the story you think of. You can tell your story in words, photos or a combination and even link video.

How can I explore Dartmoor safely?

Dartmoor is a beautiful but wild place so follow the guidance on the National Park Authority website for your own and others safety.

Can I go into churches?

Churches are usually open except in services and ceremonies. Please respect other's privacy and do not disturb them.

Otherwise if a church is open you can go in. Do remember churches are places of worship and to treat them and anyone else using them with respect.

When is the museum open?

RAMM's website has information on opening times and events.

Are there more museums in Devon?

Devon has plenty of museums to explore and the Devon Museums website has all you need to find out more.

Do I need a smart phone to use this website?

We built this website to work on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The lighter and faster loading web-app version is easily found at http://m.moorstories.org.uk

I want to create a story but I can't get a signal

This is a common problem on Dartmoor and even in less remote areas. You can use your phone's or tablet's notes app to capture your thoughts and then upload your story once you have a signal. Many cafes and pubs have wifi on Dartmoor, and the refreshments may help the creative juices!

I've uploaded a story but can't see it

We moderate all stories that are submitted. This is to avoid any offensive or inappropriate material being published. We aim to moderate any submission within five working days.

How can I tell my friends about my Moor Story?

Just use the social media links throughout the website and the web-app.

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    Presence and absence at a deserted village

    This creative site-based project took place in 2005.

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  • Bridford in the Mesolithic Period

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    Bridford in the Mesolithic Period

    Between 12,000 and 6000 years ago, people had not yet discovered metals and used stone to make most of their tools and weapons.

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    The Giant Chair

    Happening on the giant chair on a winter's day with patches of snow on the path it looked almost alien.

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  • Farming Thoughts

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    Farming Thoughts

    Whenever I see the objects from Dinna Clerks in the museum I always wonder what life must have been like for the people who used them.

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  • Caught knapping

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    Caught knapping

    Growing up in the Chilterns and West Sussex I saw plenty of flint both in the fields and in museums.

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  • Lydford Coins

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    Lydford Coins

    Lydford was one of a number of Anglo Saxon coin-minting centres.

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