The First Generation


Trying to catch a mammoth!

9000 years ago, a group of men in a wet, cold cave were planning their attack on the wooly mammoth. One had an idea of using spears but it was an epic fail because the mammoth was too strong and the spear accidently hit a bird.

Another one had an idea to randomly charge at the mammoth but again it was an epic fail because the mammoth was to fast.

The third and final had an idea of chasing it off a cliff edge whilst holding their spears. The cavemen laughed and said "THAT WILL NEVER WORK!" they chuckled.

The next day the men went out to find the mammoth. Eventually they found it and started chasing it to the edge of the cliff. But the mammoth was not killed so the man that came up with the idea threw his spear staright at the mammoth and it died. Then they settled down and made a funfa (fire) to roast the mammoth and ate it. THE END

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