The Mesolithic Hunters

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The Mesolithic HuntersBy: SadrinaBack to Dartmoor Stories

The Mesolithic Hunters A notched blade

Location: Carrapit Farm

It was a warm, sunny morning for the small Mesolithic community in, what is now called, Carrapit farm. The temperature would have been a little warmer than today.

Some Mesolithic hunters gathered their spears and equipped themselves with bows and arrows, ready to hunt into the woods. They set up traps for small game and hiked the woods in search of larger animals such as aurochs and deer.

They spotted an auroch and moved closer to the beast quietly with bows and arrows and spears ready to attack. A hunter fired his arrow into the beast, delivering a fatal shot. The hunters approached the dead animal. Removing the arrow, its stone tip left embedded deep in the wound. One auroch could feed the whole community for days.

The hunters cut up sections of the auroch, for easy transport, removing those parts that are not needed such as the hooves and carried useful parts including the antlers and of course, meat.

Meanwhile, back in the camp, those who did not participate in hunting contributed much of their time doing something else. Activities here are often carried out as a community. Men and women, the elderly and the children participated in making tools. Children learned from the adults on how to make microliths which would later to be slotted in bone or antler shafts to make harpoons, arrows, spears and fish hooks. Just before sunset, the hunters returned to camp and others were marvelled and satisfied by their catch of the day. This means that the community would not get hungry today!

Meat was distributed and cooked over hearths in houses where socials also occur. The community probably settled here for many months but they moved seasonally. When the time comes, they would pack up their belongings and tools and dismantled their houses. Some items may be left behind accidentally or deliberately as these objects are found today as artefacts.

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